Happy Clients…

Diversity comes in multiple and competing forms, ideas and beliefs. Our services provide perspectives from ALL forms of diversity. Here what former clients have said.

“Dr. Simpkins facilitated several conversations for our Board of Directors and Staff around diversity and inclusion. She created a safe space for all participants to share and easily led our group through conversations about privilege, bias, diversity, and growth. We thoroughly enjoyed her warm demeanor and professionalism and look forward to working with her, again, in the future.”

Iris Sunshine, Executive Director Children’s Law Center of Central North Carolina

“Thank you very much for a BEAUTIFUL day. I am so honored that you were a part of our FIRST in-person meeting this year. I love your style. I love your spirit. I love your work. I love your passion. I love your genuineness. I have some great takeaways from today and I am going to be more intentional about fulfilling them. I wish you could have been here in person. I wish the session could have been longer. Thank you for allowing the team to open up and express. Thank you for allowing the team to look within. Today was AMAZING and you were such a BIG part of it. You set the tone for a very cohesive day for the team and I really appreciate it. I look forward to staying in touch with you. You did a wonderful job and you have such a BEAUTIFUL heart.”

LaShawn Childs
Field Director
Communities In Schools of Mid-America

“Dr. Simpkins was an excellent facilitator and trainer to our inaugural group of student leaders for the Diversity Peer Educators/Farmer Fellows program at the University of Mary Washington. Every session she provided was very engaging, interactive, and thought-provoking as these Farmer Fellows explored and expanded their worldview and understanding on various diversity, equity, and inclusion related topics. Furthermore, Dr. Simpkins provided them invaluable resources and tools to empower and enhance their skills in their roles as diversity peer educators. The training she provided was very impactful and successful for the students and the Diversity Peer Educators program, as a whole. The Farmer Fellows will continue to grow, thrive, and educate our campus community in an effective and meaningful way based on this awesome foundational training by Creative Justice. I will definitely continue to utilize Dr. Simpkins’ expertise and service for future trainings.”

Dr. Marion Sanford
Director of the James Farmer Multicultural Center
University of Mary Washington

“Dr. Simpkins delivered an engaging, informative workshop on Racism to over 350 participants in intercollegiate athletics. She is highly knowledgeable in this area and helps the audience develop a language and sense of shared understanding around a very complex topic. Her approach to allyship left the participants with practical tools to practice active allyship.”

Shelley Davis
Senior Associate Commissioner/SWA
Big South Conference

Dr. Simpkins is a creative talent! We appreciate her work with our Renaissance Talent Search Program, an educational program designed to help middle/high school students be informed about the college preparation and enrollment process. As an educational consultant with the program, Dr. Simpkins prepared an experiential, out of the box approach to get teens to talk about who they are and why that matters. We were excited to have Dr. Simpkins join us during our Critical Conversations Series (August 2019) and will welcome her back for “Do It For the Culture: How Do I Fit In!”.

Ms. Fabrice J. Blackson (Johnson), M.S.
Assistant Director, Internal Operations
The Renaissance Education Group, Inc.

Dr. Simpkins conducted and facilitated a diversity and inclusion training session for our program staff during our summer staff institute as we anticipated our emerging needs with a newly admitted transgender program participant. She asked us to consider our biases with the world in which we now live, and how those may be blinders to “acceptance” and in her words: “allyship”. Our work together was experiential, reflective, and positive. She is professional and credible, and her  style is an unyielding example of her desire to create spaces in a world where everyone can simply find their fit and belong. 

Dr. Kenneth Mitchell, BCC; Life Coach and Federal TRIO Director
The Renaissance Education Group, Inc. 

“Creative Justice provided an outside voice and perspective that created a vulnerable space and challenged participants to lean into difficult conversations around identities and bias. It was a much needed facilitation that my students needed. “

~Sarah Taylor – Davidson College

I was looking for a resource with expertise and  depth in a wide array of diversity, equity and social issues who would quickly grasp my goals to support faculty in creating  inclusive classroom experiences in the remote learning environment, create the course content and conduct the professional development session.  Dr. Simpkin’s  assessment of what I  needed was spot on resulting in an engaging and informative session with great practical applications for the classroom. Her consulting and customer service were impeccable.  She will definitely be my go-to for future projects.

Sabrina C. Johnson, J D. ~ Vice President of Equity and Access
University of Mary Washington